Stock-n-Lot enables businesses to unlock the value in their redundant or end of life computer hardware, software and communications assets. We provide full asset tracking services and enable you to meet your environmental and/or legislative obligations for equipment disposal.
Telecommunications network
A telecommunications network is a network of telecommunications links and nodes
Asset Recovery - Nationwide Service
Nationwide computer asset recovery service.
Computer Parts & Accessories Products:
Computer parts and accessories are physical
Physics Lab Equipment
Physics laboratory equipments which are mostly used in schools, colleges.
Stock-n-Lot offers businesses a comprehensive suite of services to help unlock the value in their redundant, end of life or customer returned electrical and electronic business assets.

We work with businesses and organisations worldwide, on a flexible basis to recover, redistribute or remarket your assets and their component materials, according to asset value and customer preference.

Let us remove the hassle of dealing with environmental or legislative requirements and the challenge of what to do with unwanted electrical and electronic equipment such as computer hardware. An extensive transport and logistics network in each of the countries in which Stock-n-Lot operates provides secure transfer of assets to our advanced recovery centres. Assets such as computer hardware and software are logged on our sophisticated internet based tracking and tracing system .

In this Products and Services
  • 1) The wide range of products Stock-n-Lot can recover.
  • 2) IT and Communications asset recovery services and warranty returns.

We provide our customers with what they want - quality products at an affordable price.