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Physics Lab Equipment
Physics laboratory equipments which are mostly used in schools, colleges.

Physics laboratory equipments are needed and used in schools, colleges, research laboratories and many other places where physics is studied and researched upon. Physics laboratory instruments vary in their dimensions and applications. Physics lab apparatus comprise of the equipment used in different branches of physics. A wide range of physics lab equipment categorised under broad heads can be found here for conducting every type of experiments in school or university level.

Physics is a science concerning matter and forces. No one can deny that there is an element of physics in conducting of our day to day lives. From the car we take to the office to say a rocket zooming past the earth in a whiff, physics is involved. At the fundamental level Physics is an observational science. All the laws, theories or principles of physics are strictly founded upon experimental observation. By observing nature the laws are devised for giving an explanation to our observations. The theories are then tested for predicting the outcome with a given set of certain conditions. Gradually those conditions are set up in the experiments and in this way further observations are made which either corroborates or deny the original theory.

Thus the different disciplines of physics are proved through experiments in a physics lab. There is a broad range of physics equipment, experimentation through which these laws are verified. In a physics lab, students perform different experiments with most basic instruments to latest state- of- the- art equipment.

Objectives of a Physics Laboratory

The broad goals of a physics laboratory is summarised here.
  • 1) A Physics lab reinforces the theory class with requisite experiments to stress the fundamental     concepts of physics.
  • 2) Making the students understand the how a equipment is to be used.
  • 3) Make the students aware of the inherent uncertainties of the measurements.
  • 4) To make the students realize the role of direct observation as compared to inference based on     theory.